So, why would you want to be confined to a one-size-fits-all service?

At Reveal, we listen to how you prioritize and define the important attributes of your hiring needs including factors like candidate quality, speed, cost, etc. and then propose a custom-fit solution.

A customized configuration of just the right tools, resources, methodology and a governance strategy are assembled and proposed to meet or exceed the success we've defined in collaboration with you.

Purpose-Driven RecruitmentTM was conceived in order to address the hiring needs from any industry or function and at any level. To hire is human - and we never lose sight of that.

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Charlie M.

Director of Talent Acquisition, Healthcare

"Reveal is the firm I call upon when I need an alternative to traditional search firms and their fees for candidates. In fact, we hired our SVP, Sales through Reveal and saved about $100,000 by avoiding retained search fees.

I've also come to rely on Marc Hutto and his team for counter-intuitive thinking when they take on a challenging role or hiring project."